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It rocks on its own!

That is right! Through smart control, the BabyRocker helps calm down your baby by rocking it gently and safely no matter whether you have put him/her in a pram, rocking chair or any other carrier you can rock by hand. When junior has a good time, you get more time.

It works on multiple carriers!

Why BabyRocker

Do you recognise these situations?

When junior cries and the pasta boils over...

Domestic duties often require both hands. It is particularly a good idea when you need to cook. Overcooked or burnt pasta rarely tastes good.

When nature calls and junior won't let go...

When nature calls, nature calls and no one is there to help you. And it is just easier if junior waits outside the bathroom.

When a little more sleep gives you little more time...

Who wouldn't offer an arm or a leg for junior to sleep a little longer? Just another 10 minutes would do wonders.

A little backstory

It all started with a crying baby…

The idea for the BabyRocker was conceived in the Danish suburbia of Rødovre. Alex Lisbjerg got the idea to develop a device that could help calm his second child Liv by rocking her baby-sitter. The first prototype was a creative machine which made the baby-sitter rock, but it was neither a work of art nor very smart or portable.

Alex showed his invention to neighbor Stanley Lim, who gladly jumped in to help refine the mechanics such that the device could be scaled down the size of a big 2 liter water bottle.

The BabyRocker was invented and patent is pending!

Certified by Arrow

Our product is certified by Arrow Electronics, one of the largest distributors of electronic components in the world. What does that mean to you as end-user? It’s complicated, but for us who work with the product, it is important to know that we are using components of certain quality standards, are traceable, has a reliable supply and work well together. 

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